Discretion. It is a word we lived by, always.

The privacy of our clients was always something that was held in such high regard that it became an unwritten law. The right to privacy and confidentiality, the trust that was placed upon us.

The escort industry is one that is filled with many secrets and desires. A place where people can live out their deepest inner fantasies, without the fear of judgement. To be entrusted with these secrets is a privilege, and one that we always honoured.

For an escort encounter to take place, there must be a level of trust that is established by both escort and client. Failure by either party to make the other feel safe and comfortable will almost certainly guarantee that the escort meeting will not take place. It takes quite a lot to build this trust – it takes very little to take it away.

It goes without saying that privacy and respect is a two way street. If an escort shares information and confides in a client, it is something that must be kept confidential – at all times. Both escort and client should respect each others right to privacy and anonymity. What happens between two consenting adults should remain between them.