We like you to provide us with as much information as you can in order to match you with the perfect model for you. Read through our booking conditions and take a look at our gallery before getting in touch. When you want to make a booking, you can either email us or contact us by telephone between 9am and 11pm.

We like our first contact with you to be made over email. We aim to reply to emails within the hour, unless you email after 10pm. In this case, we will reply to you the next morning. If you have a specific question, you can contact us by telephone on +43 (0) 664 5705 232 from 9am - 1am CET.

We guarantee that we have met each Escort personally before we decide to work with her and publish her details on the Royce Dolls™ website. No exception!
It is important that Royce Dolls casting team get a personal impression of the applicant. Also the young lady will certainly want to know us.
Our policy is to choose only Escorts who will keep you returning as a happy, satisfied client. I believe that by providing only honest and accurate information I justify the trust you put in me.

You may contact Independent Escorts directly, as indicated in their ad.

Royce Dolls Escorts on the other hand, take advantage of the agency's administrative services. Most of our escorts regard escorting as an adventure - a chance to meet an interesting and charming gentleman: Enjoying the ambiance of first class restaurants, the secret thrill of an "assignation" at a fine hotel, or the sense of shared adventure when she joins you on an exotic trip.
Royce Dolls Escorts mostly have a career of their own and as such, lead an innocent life where escorting is out of place. Thus, they are totally dependent on your discretion. Of course, escorting is also a welcome source that helps increasing their lifestyle for a young lady who is still primarily an amateur.

Please be aware that our agency is only acting as the Escort's secretary, forwarding your inquiries and returning a response as soon as we receive one from the Escort of your choice.

Please get in touch with us as soon as you have your travel dates and arrangements settled: the sooner, the better. The Escorts have their own career and private life, and may even have other requests, so please try to avoid cancelling on short notice.

Even though we always try to answer your e-mail the same day, we cannot always achieve this. We need to reach the Escort and forward your inquiry to her before sending you an answer. Due to the Escort's business and private life, it is sometimes not possible to reach her immediately. Please be aware this may delay our response.

Even if you make your booking a long time in advance, we always need you to reconfirm the date about two or three days before.

We prefer your request by e-mail but you may of course also reach us by phone:

+43 664 5705 232, Monday through Sunday from 9am to 1am Central European time.

Important note: For a quick response, please reply directly to the e-mail address we use: simply click on the "Reply" button in your e-mail program. Thank you. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Each Escort has her own rate scale and conditions. See a rate chart at the bottom of her profile.

Each Escort decides for herself what she expects from the engagement. The Escorts generally establish rates that are comparable with similar international offers. Naturally, these rates will mainly appeal to those who are comfortably off, which is what Royce Dolls Escorts expect.

Our ladies accept cash only so please bring the agreed sum to the meeting inside an unsealed envelope.

There have been misunderstandings, even with regular clients. That can happen. So we decided to advise our Escorts to take a glance inside the envelope. Please do not regard that as impolite, she is already more than embarrassed to do so. By treating this as a matter of course, you can help to avoid any misunderstanding.

This topic gives rise to a range of opinions. Since you are rewarding a service, a glance in the envelope is surely legitimate. Certainly less embarrassing than problems after the meeting.

If you are late because of extenuating circumstances, please call us as soon as you can. After 3o minutes delay, you will be charged 50 euros for each 30 minutes the model has to wait. If you want to cancel the booking, please call as soon as possible. If you cancel with less than 5 hours before the booking, we will ask you to pay 300 euros.

In this case, if the date is cancelled less than 5 hours before it starts, you will receive a 20% discount on your next booking

We guarantee that all Royce Dolls Escort's photos and descriptions are genuine.

If you really don't get on at all, you can certainly make a graceful withdrawal. Naturally, the Escort would expect a refund of her travel costs and a compensation, min. 100 EUR should be appropriate.

Of course, the Escort also reserves the right to make a polite withdrawal at any moment. This is reasonable as you too will not enjoy the date if the lady does not have any rapport with you.

To minimise the chance of this most unfortunate circumstance, please ensure the accuracy and completeness of your self-description.
It goes without saying that you're expected to be a well-groomed, polite gentleman, and that you will treat her with all the consideration a Lady deserves.

We depend on your cooperation, including personal feedback and constructive criticism to be able to improve our services. Please do not hesitate to contact us after your date; any comment is highly appreciated and will be handled with discretion.

Client always take care of the booking in accordance with previous mutual approval. Once a lady agrees on schedule and our office provides all necessary details flights can be booked.


For meetings outside the Escort's home area, travel costs will be calculated individually according to distance and specific type of transportation. (e.g. taxi fares, fuel, parking, train fares etc.)

No, our Escorts prefers the agency to handle all the arrangements. Escorts choose the agency to avoid the need for contact prior to and after the meeting, just like you.

Furthermore the lady doesn't want to haggle over financial matters. That is another reason why she prefers taking advantage of our office service. She would rather just appear at the appointed hour.

In order not to spoil the atmosphere with financial considerations, we suggest our clients handle all such matters directly with the agency.

Our Escorts complain far too often that they feel offended and bothered by persistent demands for their private number and/or e-mail address. There are even some clients who take offense if the Escort does not conform to this demand. For those clients who do not like to book via an agency, we suggest booking an Independent Escort, as simple as that.

Our business is putting people in touch with each other who would otherwise never meet. Doing this successfully takes considerable effort - running the web site, finding and interviewing candidates, helping them present themselves, our own exclusive photo studio with its decoration, answering enquiries, promotion costs, IT, office and staff costs etc. etc.

Every businessman knows what it takes to run a successful company. To pay for our side of the business, we charge our clients fees. If you try and cut us out of the deal and animate our escorts to breach their contract with us, the whole thing will break down in no time.

Royce Dolls charge for their time – whether drinking coffee or something else.

If you anticipate inviting a particular Royce Dolls Escort you don't know yet for a long trip and you'd like to meet her before making final arrangements, We would rather suggest an overnight date to find out if you get along with each other before you decide to go on this trip together.

Of course! Even more than that, Royce Dolls Escorts depend on YOUR discretion!

Please treat our data just as discreetly as we treat yours.

It goes without saying that it is extremely impolite to talk to one Lady about another Lady. Unfortunately, this has often happened in the past. Please be considerate: Some ladies may know each other and your incautious remarks may result in hurt feelings or worse. The "Golden Rule" sums it up: Please be as discreet as you would like the lady to be.

Also, the Escort may lose her trust in you, as she must fear your talking about her with your next Escort. Gossip is not conducive to harmonious togetherness.

Yes, of course. Become a member and have access to all uncensored galleries. Membership is completely free but works only for limited time. Just fill out very simple registration form and that's it. Once your membership's approved we will email you the login details.

No, our Escorts do only outcalls.