Why Vienna Is The Best City To Spend Your Vacation Luxuriously

Of all the cities in the world, no city comes close to Vienna in terms of being a perfect vacation destination.  People may argue that Vienna is more a financial hub, and thus not ideal for a vacation; but this is just half the story. Austrian capital has many good things to do while here, and offer you a vacation experience of a lifetime.

If you’re looking for the perfect vacation destination, below are reasons why Vienna should be at the top of your list;

  • Safe/ secure; Vienna is a safe city to vacation for anybody, regardless of your race or religion or nationality. In fact the Austria continues to be one of the safest places to be in; crime rates are always low and uncommon. Most of the traditional vacation destinations have recently been plagued by terrorism, violent robberies, and even abductions. But in Vienna, you can walk round the city all day and night without anyone asking you a single question.
  • Clean/ neat; Vienna city is a clean and neat city to vacation. The streets are clean and immaculately clean, the air is fresh and clean, and basically you are guaranteed of having a great stay. Mind you, many other world class cities are suffering from much pollution, and the streets are filthy with litter and garbage.
  • Shopping experience; Vienna and Paris have been the traditional shopping destinations for the wealthy, elite, and generally anyone who wants a memorable shopping experience. Paris has been plagued by terror attacks recently and this has seen some tourists and vacationers opt for Vienna. It’s one of the few cities in the world where you can experience personalised shopping. The shopping stores are well designed and stocked with the latest original and designer items. From clothes, shoes, jewellery, you’ll get it all here.
  • Monuments/ historical features; as a vacationer in Vienna, you’ll also get to see and learn much about the European culture, thanks to the numerous monuments and museums found within the city. From the famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral, to the Schoenbrunn Palace and gardens, Opera House, the Hofburg, Spanish Riding School; these are really great places to visit. Vienna museums also have a load of ancient history and items to help you understand the European culture even more.
  • Orderly transport system; Vienna has one of the best public transport systems in the world. As a vacationer, you may not have the luxury of bringing your car along with you to move around with. Their public system comes in handy, the public buses and underground tubes are efficient, reliable, and very ideal for anyone who wishes to admire the scenery while on the move.
  • Currency; the Euro is strong; it has a higher value even compared to the US dollar. As a vacationer, you’ll be advantaged when you convert your currency and pay in Euros. Having Euros will make it easier for you to move around visit places, and at the end of your stay, you’ll realize that you have spent lesser.
  • Vienna girls; Vienna has beautiful girls, that’s no secret. These are girls to die for, the perfect companionship for a vacationer. With these girls by your side, you’d not need any tour guide by your side. They will show you around, take you to the best places for a visitor, even help you learn some bit about Austrian foods and lifestyle.


Make an effort of visiting Vienna the next time you are looking for a perfect vacation destination; you can never go wrong with this great city.