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Hugo Eissing

Your agency is the most honest and dedicated one I have ever encountered. I have been visiting female escorts for decades and the only thing the agency and the escort cared about each time was the money but with you, it was about the satisfaction of the client. Thanks and keep up the great work.


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I have been a client of Royce Dolls for quite some time. And one thing that I can say is that their service is always becoming better as time progresses. They are always willing and ready to listen to their client. Sometime back, the escort I wanted wasn’t available. However, the company found a replacement that turned out to be better than I anticipated. I had a super time.


I deal with two agencies, one in London and one in Germany who also cover Switzerland. The girls you have are by far more natural, more real and more genuine. I think you treat them very well and they feel they are one family with you. Congratulations on the way you manage your business. Looking forward to doing similar arrangements with you soon.