The good thing about the world, is that there is always a system – a hierarchy of things, groups and class. Nothing is ever the same as the other and there is always a superior quality. This is the same when it comes to private escorts.

The word “courtesan” dates back to more than a 100 years ago, a classical term used to describe women who are carefully handpicked to entertain wealthy and powerful gentlemen, mostly of royal status.

Today, you can apply the term “courtesan” to any escort who is the real deal. Not just anyone, but an elite and high-class escort!

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Back in the past, courtesans were respected and admired ladies who were well educated, with impeccable manners and etiquette. These women came from upper class families, with good inner circles of influential individuals. You could find them debating with and entertaining wealthy aristocrats. Also with academia’s, rich businessmen, even politicians. You could find these women anywhere wealth and power was in excess. This is why people say money and women always mix well!

Back then courtesans weren’t revering a marriage much. So if they were getting married it was strictly business and love never played a part in it. The only good thing was the intimacy and comfort that came with it, nothing more. However, as time went by, this way of doing things became intolerable to some women. And so by the 19th century, private escorts became a new trend. The ladies handled things themselves. Meaning no agency, no intermediary, just one on one sessions with clients. Yes, they were what we call independent escorts nowadays. Therefore the classical term was coined for them – “Courtesans”

Classic and contemporary ladies who were only available to a few men able to afford them. They were intimate and wonderful companions fully devoting their entire being and every inch of themselves to please their selective list of gentlemen – one at a time!

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Private escorts – today’s courtesans

Just like the wonderful women of the 19th century, today private escorts from all over the world can be classified with that same term. Even better, with the growth and development through out the years, things are way more interesting now. With clients having access to the profiles and realistic photos of escorts beforehand. And deciding which is best for them.

Things are much more flexible and simple now. Booking an escort in Czech is as easy as ordering pizza online. Just tell the agency your favorite flavor and you will be revealed a world full of potential dream ladies.

Czech girls are naturally lovable women with sweet and charming personalities. And with a superb agency like Royce Dolls picking only the best escorts in the republic, you can be sure that our call girls are on par with luxury or elite glamour. Totally worthy of the classical term “courtesan”

If you are in Prague and need a break from the daily stress of life with a woman who knows how to handle a gentleman, then look no further! We have got all sorts of Czech private escorts, suitable enough for even royalties. Hence be you a king or queen, there is a courtesan for everyone.  Browse through our vast gallery of private escorts, read through the profiles and make your pick! Each escort may vary in character and personality but all have a similar goal in mind. Which is – to give high class escort services to discerning and respectable gentlemen.

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