The Most Asked Questions

Booking a Royce Dolls escort is very easy. The first thing you need to do is access our booking form here , fill in your preferences and we will do our best to arrange a meeting (according to your schedule) with your dream lady. Bookings can also be made via phone calls.

For bookings and reservations please refer to the booking form or give us a call. For all other inquiries feel free to send an email.

Before deciding to work with any escort we take time to ensure that they are genuine ladies who are solely after the interest and pleasure of clients. No fake advertising. Our casting team must be impressed with each applicant. What you see is what you will get.

Rates and availability for each escort can be found on their profiles. Please go through them.

The sooner the better! Let us know your requests soon as your travels plans are made and notify of cancellations on time. Escorts are people with careers and personal lives and may be unavailable sometimes. To avoid disappointments, bookings made in advance are reconfirmed two-three days before. Book using the booking form or give us a call.

Each escort decides on her own rate. Royce Dolls escorts work at a very appealing and reasonable rate.

Cash only please. Sealed in an envelope and delivered at the beginning of a meeting. Each payment is checked and confirmed first to avoid problems or misunderstandings. This is very important and should not be seen as rude or disrespectful.

We understand that certain issues may arise sometimes and so it is advised that you immediately contact us. 50 EUR is charged for each 30 minutes delay. Call as soon as possible to cancel a booking. Cancellations made less than 5 hours before the meeting will be charged 200 EUR.

If it is cancelled less than 5 hours before, we will reward you with a discount on your next booking.

All photos and descriptions of Royce Dolls escorts are real and genuine, however if it turns out that during your meeting there is no connection or bond between both parties, you are free to respectfully withdraw. Of course the escort will have to be compensated for her travel costs and efforts; A minimum of 100euros should be enough for this.

Please know that an escort is also free to politely withdraw from a meeting she is uncomfortable with, as it will be unfair to the both of you if she has no interest but keeps staying in your company. To avoid such situations please provide accurate information about yourself, preferences and try to treat each escort like a gentleman.

Personal feedback and suggestions are highly welcomed. Let us know if there are ways we could improve our services.

You can book flights after an escort agrees to meet with you and we give you all necessary information for the date.

If you decide to meet an escort outside of her home area, all the travel costs will be calculated individually based on distance and the mode of transportation (taxi fares, train tickets, fuel and parking fee).

An escort from Royce Dolls always charge for time spent with clients – be it a coffee date or anything else.

Perhaps you want to take one of our escorts on a trip but feel like you don’t know her well enough? In this case we suggest that you book for an overnight date first to see how well you both get together before going on a trip.

No you cannot. This is the main reason escorts choose agencies to represent them. Discretion and safety is important for you as it is to the escort. To avoid arguing over prices or spoiling the experience with financial issues, Royce Dolls handles all communication between escorts and clients.

We have put a lot in place to enable our operations run smoothly. From the exclusive photo studio, to a casting team and organising interviews for candidates. If you try to cut us out of the deal and access one of our escorts directly, the whole thing could fall apart. You are free to look for an independent escort if you do not like booking with an agency.

Yes you can and we hope our escorts can also depend on your discretion. Personal information would never be leaked and the same is expected from clients! Please do not talk about one escort to another escort. This could lead to problems and the escort may end up losing trust in you. It is advisable to be discreet as you want us to be.

Members are allowed full access to uncensored photos of all escorts. However if you aren’t a member yet and would like access to these photos, you can try out the Visitor Pass . This gives you access to the uncensored gallery for 24 hours.

It is easy to become a member of Royce Dolls. All you have to do is make a first booking.

Being a member means that you have full access to uncensored photos of our escorts and also enjoy other benefits like bonuses, VIP treatment and access to hidden profiles. Whereas a visitor’s pass gives you access to only uncensored photos for a limited time of 24 hours.

Independent escorts can be harder to book because they work on their own without an agency. However, at Royce Dolls most of the ladies are either high-class companions, photo models or university students, so we act as the middleman between clients and escorts. Making sure the booking process is smooth, easy and most importantly discreet for both sides.