Zurich is famous for its livability and very powerful economy. But spending time with a Czech lady from our Zurich escorts selection will not be an expensive affair.


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Welcome to Zurich the Land of Riches and Wild Adventures!

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and its capital at the same time. You must immediately notice there is so much banks that you begin to wonder if everyone in the city is a rich princes and princesses. While we can’t say for certain if that is the case, we do know that Zurich magnificently lays over a glistening lake and is a place to definitely visit. It is famous for its livability and very powerful economy. But spending time with a Czech lady from our Zurich escorts selection will not be an expensive affair.


Let’s get to it! Where are the best places to explore with Zurich Escorts?

• Gasp at the beautiful swans on the Zurich Lake: Ah yes, what is more romantic than the sight of two love swans? And luckily enough, there is a lot of them decorating the lake Zürich. The crescent and long shaped lake has a curve that goes past the Pfannenstiel. Then a little east and down to the Albis chain in the West.

• Visit the old town of Altstadt: This place covers the entire district 1 and happens to be Zürich’s historic centre. Also you can find it on both banks of the Limmat. Most of the city’s culture, shopping and nightlife is focusing on the medieval and early urban streets of Altstadt. You would be so delighted to get lost in this town with your escort. It is so appealing that you will not witness the time passing so quickly. With so many squares, cafes, bookshops and all sorts of monuments in place, Altstadt is a spot to see.

• Explore the Swiss National Museum: History is so beautiful and if you would like to learn more about Switzerland you should visit the national museum at Zürich. You can see various artifacts that are waiting for that. Take a dive back through time and understand more about Swiss history and culture. Begin at the historic weapons, then pottery and events that did happen in the 20th century. The museum definitely represents everything in full detail. Especially the medieval times and its wonderful gothic art.

• Feel holy at Grossmünster: Every country has that historic church with a lot of story to it. That is the case in Zürich too. The Grossmünster is a two tower Roman catholic church structured way back in the 12th century. Today we perceive it to be the most prominent landmark in Zürich. If ancient architecture happens to be among your fetishes, then it will be a real impressing experience for you. With the main portals and sculpted capitals of this building.

• Appreciate the ethics of the Zürich Zoo: Much emphasis on “ethics” because most people do not visit zoos because of how unfairly animals get treated. Well fear not as this is not the case in Zürich. The zoo there is of the highest standard and the home of each animal has been cloned to be the exact replica of their natural habitats. Allows them enough space to roam free. Quick tip: the elephant park is the most impressive. Check it out of you can. If touching animals is something that makes you happy, the zoo has a petting section.

• Beyer Clock and Watch Museum: Learn more about the history of timekeeping and the craft of watch making at the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum located under the Beyer jeweler. Another important must see for any watch lovers is watch shop on Bahnhofstrasse. The cool thing about this place is that it is keep on a low-key. No one draw much attention to it. So don’t feel alarmed when you realize that people aren’t crowding the streets for it. When you enter the building, they would hand you an iPad. In it contains a ton of information about each watch with the oldest dating far back as 3,400 years ago. You will see a lot of pendulum clocks and navigation systems from the 16th – 17th century. The earliest design of the first ever quartz watch from the 60’s can be found here too.

• Zürich Opera House: Enjoy a relaxing evening with any of our Zurich escorts at one of its most epic places – the opera house! Built by the legendary Vienesse duo of Fellner and Helmer, this is a prolific figure. It dates back to the 1890’s. You can find it on the square of the opera house, where are bust figures of famous classical composers and artists like Mozart, Shakespeare, Goethe, Wagner, Schiller and Weber. This busts are worth the trip alone for sure.


Okay, here is a quick bucket list of other fun things to do

• Take cute photos of the Gerold Cuchi umbrellas: The legeendary and attractive umbrellas hanging over the patio of the Gerold Cuchi restaurant at Kreis 5 district in Zürich. The umbrellas serve as canopies and are more than 50 in number with various colors and designs.

• Enjoy water from a fountain: You don’t get to see fountains every now and then. In Zürich there are more than a whooping 1,200 of them! So why not try a sip from a fountain? And maybe if you make a wish and toss in a coin your escort will turn out to be the best companion ever! Do not worry about how clean the water is. The vast majority of these fountains are designed to produce clean water to avoid the need for bottles one. Hence just get a can and fill it up with iconic Swiss water.

• Try delicious sausage at Zueghauskeller: This place was formerly a Swiss Armory but today is now a beer palace with over a dozen of sausage cuisine to select from. You will find out that it is always full of people. Especially tourists and this is for a good reason – the sausages here are the best. Make sure you try the sausage sampler as this allows you to taste 6 different sausages with bacon toppings. Oh and try the famous flaming beer known as Eidgenoss! Totally worth it.


Zurich Hotels Recommendations:

• Hotel Helmhaus

• Hotel Glaernischhof

• EMA House Hotel Suites

• Small Luxury Hotel Ambassador a l’Opera

• Movenpick Hotel Zurich-Airport

• 25hours Hotel Zurich West

Note: German, French, Italian and Romansh are the official languages of Switzerland. More than 60% of Swiss people speak German. So if you are fluent in German that is good advantage. However English is also very common so do not worry too much about communication.


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