From fine dining to incredible shopping sprees, exclusive hotels you would not want to leave. Especially if you decide to spice up your time with one of our Dubai escorts.


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It’s all Glitz, Glamour and Romance with an Escort in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best cities in the world. A place with so much love, people, and lot of fun, daring activities to do. It’s one of the top vacation spot for anyone seeking to do much more than conventional walks or dinner dates. There is an abundance of everything you can think of in Dubai. From fine dining to incredible shopping sprees, numbers of glamour and exclusive hotels you would not want to leave. Especially if you decide to spice up your time with one of our Dubai escorts.


The best time to visit Dubai

The perfect time to visit this big metropolis would be around April or October. At these times the weather is considerably good at 30c with appropriate sunshine, warm sea and breezy evenings. With a low humidity so you won’t be overwhelmed by the heat. Travels done between May and September might not be a good choice as Dubai is way too hot at these times. With a temperature of over 40c.

The tranquil environment over there makes you feel naturally relaxed. With some of the most amazing beaches in the middle east and the captivating beauty of the deserts, time there is very unforgettable. Whether you are enjoying a day strolling through with an escort in Dubai or going to the race tracks, or just observing the various activities going on in the city, Dubai is the perfect place to spark romance.


Some ideas to help spice up things

• It is romantic in the desert: For the best experience take your lady to Al Maha. You can find this hotel in a mysterious desert with no trace of a city in sight. Completely secluded and yet just as safe. It will be only you, your escort, nature and the beauty of the sand dunes while you both gaze at the stars at night. You can chill out in the pool villa and later ride on a camels back to gaze at the sunset. Such a brilliant way to bond with your companion.

• Cool off at the Madinat Jumeirah Beach: Most of luxury hotels have their own private beaches in Dubai and one of the best happens to be the Jumeirah beach. Located in front of the mighty Burj Al Arab, the beauty of this beach can’t be matched elsewhere. Ideal and even recommended spot to stay with Dubai escorts, specially if you want to make and impression.

• Reach heights on a hot air balloon ride: This is one of the exciting things about Dubai, a very different place and a lot of adventurous things to do. Like hot air balloon rides! Perfect for those who aren’t afraid to try something new and quite adventurous. Feels like a fairytale ride on a magic carpet over the beautiful horizon. With beaches, oryx, camels and beautiful sand dunes. You get to witness the golden sunset from a higher view. This is the best way to show your support and appreciation for your escort girl as you both enjoy each other’s company.

• Get your Adrenaline pumping at Skydive Dubai: Most escorts love to live on the edge. If you’re lucky to have one with you in Dubai, why not take that opportunity and do something crazy. For example fun like jump from a plane? Or base jumping from the tall Jumeirah building which sits on the water? Skydive in Dubai is a serious sport. A lot of A-list celebrities come all the way from the USA and Europe just to skydive at the famous Skydive Dubai. This is an adventure of a lifetime that will have your adrenaline pumping so hard! A truly wonderful moment to cherish with a lady from our Dubai escorts collection. Do not forget – We only live once!

• Spend an evening at the Burj Al Arab: An evening spent at the world’s most luxurious 7-star hotel would be something you wouldn’t forget so soon. The building and architecture of its restaurant made it a top spot in Dubai. The shape of the hotel reminds a ship sail and is one of the highest buildings in Dubai. Also a very pricey place so make sure you are up to the task.

• Unlimited shopping: There is nothing better than shopping in Dubai. Whether you decide to go to the biggest shopping mall with over 1200 shops or going to buy something at the textile spice and Gold Souk, Dubai is a paradise for shopping. The city is known for its extravagant malls and luxurious marketplaces. You can’t leave Dubai without going shopping for souvenirs, real gold or any other fancy item you can think of.


Very important things to keep in mind when visiting Dubai with an escort

No public display of affection

While Dubai seems to be quite the romantic destination for couples, you should be aware that this is an extremely conservative country and you will have to abide by their laws and regulations. I know it might be difficult to keep your hands off your escort while in Dubai, however, it is advisable that you do not engage in any public display of affection. This means no fondling with each other’s bodies outside your room, no kissing in public and you have to be appropriately dressed when walking on the streets.

The weekends are on Friday – Saturday

Most people in Dubai have Fridays off from work as this is when Muslims gather to pray at the mosques. The Dubai metro kicks off service at 10am on Fridays. So if you are looking for the perfect day to party, keep in mind that the busiest nights are Thursdays and Fridays. The malls are most busy by crowd until midnight.

Dubai is safe

Despite the fact that there is unrest every now and then in the middle east, Dubai is the second safest country in the world. With a very low crime rate. So no worries, night walks with Dubai escorts are absolutely fine. The only thing is the reckless driving, as most motorists seem to ignore pedestrian signs.

Hotel Recommendations

Dubai is an exquisite place with pricey things including the hotels and restaurants, as almost everything here is 5-star and even stretching into 7-stars. Here are a few recommendations:

• The Oberoi (5-star)

• Shangri-La Hotel (5-star)

• Jumeirah Emirates Towers (5-star)

• The H Dubai (5-star)

• JW Marriott Marquis Hotel (5-star)

• Address Dubai Marina (5-star)

One final note: remember to apply enough sunscreen before heading out in Dubai!!


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