From the Vienna's riversides to the beautiful views of the city beyond restaurant's windows. this is the best spot for couple to spend time together and genuinely bond.


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Experience Romance with an escort in Vienna

You shouldn’t waste your time spent in Vienna in any way. This city might surprise more than you can even imagine. So instead you should tap into everything this romantic city has to offer. And sharing this moment with one of breathtaking Vienna escorts will certainly make things a whole lot better. A walk through the immaculate old grounds or a boat ride on the Danube river will get you in the Vienna love mood. You would discover a lot of lovely destinations for couples there. From the riversides to the beautiful views of the city beyond restaurant’s windows. this is the best spot for pairs to spend time together and genuinely bond.

The city centre is the place where romance is bred the most! Mainly due to its winding lanes, beautifully lines courtyards and stunning palaces. Just right around the corner of the oldest quarter, you will find a narrow lane paved with cobblestones, just as they’ve been since ages ago. This makes you feel like you are reliving the past. And there is the peaceful feeling that comes when you take your lady’s hand and stroll down this street. Truly an experience for all lovers out there.

If you are wondering the best time to visit Vienna? Especially for a romantic getaway? Well…


Vienna feels like a fairytale during Spring time

Spring is definitely a time to be alive. Everything feels new and so exciting, from the spring cleaning to the meeting of new escorts. Vienna is particularly romantic during this period. With the blossoming of so much chestnut trees and the blooming of roses in the Volksgarten. Taking your lady for a carriage ride while observing this new change in the climate is such a charming thing. Feels like a fairytale. This is what Vienna is all about. It is a city to kick back, relax and achieve true peace of mind, body and soul.

Thus in case you decide to have a good time with an escort in Vienna during the spring time, here are some amazing spring-ish things you should try!

Go for a romantic walk through the cherry blossoms at the Stadtpark: During spring the trees begin to shed leaves and mostly it’s such an artistic or equally lovable thing to see. Especially when it is cherry blossoms! And the one at Stadtpark is just as beautiful. Witness the cherry blossom while you take a walk with your escort. You can both sit underneath a tree and inhale the calming scent of nature in action.

• Eat a lot of ice cream: It doesn’t have to be summer yet to enjoy all the various flavors of ice cream Vienna has to offer. Sharing your ice cream with your lady is a great sign of affection.

• Sunbath and grab a bottle of beer: Due to how the weather is in Austria, immediately the barometer reads more than 15 degrees, people do not hesitate to take off their clothes, put on their swimsuits or bikinis and grab a bottle of beer at the famous Burggarten park. So do not feel shy to ask your hot body escort to take off her clothes. And soak in every ray of vitamin D the sun is offering. In my opinion lesser clothes is always a good way to bond with your lover.

• Hot coffee, snuggles and Schanigarten: Yes, this is easily one of the best reasons we think Vienna is a wonderful destination for you and your escort or even all couples all over the world, thanks to how fast most cafes and restaurants offer Schanigarten early during the year to compensate for the confusing temperatures that comes with spring. If you are wondering what Schanigarten is; this is basically when cafes allow people to come soak up in the sun while enjoying a drink or two. It’s a common thing in Vienna and you should look for a cafe that soaks up a lot of sun. Let your darling accompany you so you both can snuggle under a blanket and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

• Go for a picnic in the park: When has picnics never been a romantic thing to do? This is a simple yet very powerful way to enjoy the company of the Vienna escorts you’re with! So dress warm, take a blanket and go to a good park. It would be wise to bring with you a basket full of edibles. Assuming you don’t want to lay in a park and starve to death – hunger always kills the mood. Prater park is a recommended place for this. Or you can research for other locations. There’s so many wonderful parks in Vienna.

• Bicycle around town: Grab a two wheel and follow the numerous paths around Vienna to see what this city has to offer in depth! It also makes for good cardio workout.

• Head to the market and grab some special spring delicacies: Austrian culture is very vast and in Vienna, there is a lot of vegetables and fruits that are seasonal. You do not want to miss out on these fresh produce during your time here.

These are just recommendations for spring because we selected it to be the best season of Vienna. However regardless of whenever you decide to spend time with an escort in Vienna, there are a lot of sights and culture to explore. Considering this is a city that has introduced the world to many wonderful things. Like the popular and graceful Viennese waltz. A lot of ambrosia and delicious pastries. Of course not to mention legendary classical music composers and great painters. So keep your eyes opened as we list out a couple of places worth visiting. There is always something to do and see there, wether with or without one of our Vienna Escorts.

Pay a visit to the famous Graben street: Graben is a popular destination in central Vienna and for a really good reason. The word “Graben” means “trench coat” in german. It dates all the way back to one of the old Roman encampment built in the Austrian capital. This place was originally occupied by craftsmen who lived in wooden houses. Then later went on to become a market, then a residence for the elites. Today Graben houses an upscale shopping centre that deals in local specialties you need to try!

• St Stephen’s Cathedral: also known as Stephansdom, this is a huge cathedral with a lot of history and very little beginnings. It first started out as a parish church in the 12th century. Although it fell to the world war II it was later rebuilt in 7 years. However church services were still held on a daily basis. The cathedral today serves as the home church for the archbishop of Vienna. This magnificent structure is one of the city’s crucial landmarks. Stephansdom is so big, it reaches into the skyline with a roof covered with more than 200,000 glazed tiles. There are more than 18 altars here and it is home to various pieces of art.

• Have a trip to The Burggarten: This is an incredible England influenced garden that once served as the court garden for the Hapsburg rulers. However today it serves as a place where people can chill and enjoy their lunch outdoors on pleasant days. A memorial statue of Mozart can be found at one corner of the garden. Apart from that, there’s a place called “Palmenhaus” (a big and bold glass palm house) located at the northern part. Here you get to see tropical butterflies and occasionally some bats.

• Walk down the iconic Ringstrasse: originally built in 1857 and officially opened in 1865. The Ringstrasse is a road that is more than 4km long and rounds about the inner city of Vienna. Here you can find a good majority of all the important buildings on both sides of the street. From the natural history museum to the state opera, city hall and Vienna stock exchange. All these houses represent different architectural designs and are all considered to be great monumental pieces. Definitely worth seeing.

• Hofburg Imperial Palace: Built in the 13th century and has played a key part in the Austrian government. Over the century it served as the dwelling place of some of Europe’s most powerful royalties. Like the rulers of the holy Roman, the Hapsburgs and some Hungarian empires. You will see that the palace has a lot of wings and sections constructed by various royalty at different times. There are only three parts opened to the public. This includes; the Sisi museum (dedicated to the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph). Then the imperial apartments and the silver collection ( an inventory of imperial household items)

• Feel like royalty at The 1,441 room Schönbrunn Palace: This is a very top destination spot in Vienna. The enormous palace was built between 1696 and 1712 at the demand of the emperor Leopold I and was later transformed into a summer palace by Maria Theresa. There are a lot of other attractions to see within the palace. As the Privy Garden, a labyrinth or the world’s oldest zoo. And amongst all, the Gloriette – which is basically a marble made summerhouse located on a 200 feet hill. Any of Vienna escorts would give a lot of love for a romantic walk in the Schönbrunn’s gardens.

• Get your heart racing at the Spanish riding school: After Emperor Maximilian II introduced the famous Lipizzaner horses to his courtesans back in 1562, since this grand riding school exists. It is one of the most captivating and entertaining places in Vienna today. People gather from far and wide to witness the spectacle of unmatched horse riding skills. You’d find the riding school right in the Hofburg Palace, where it has been since 1735. So you can bring one of your Vienna escorts here and impress her. Just make sure you grab your tickets early as it gets sold out very easily.

• Bring out your classic side at The Vienna State Opera House: Vienna is home to a ton of opera houses and classical music. And the state opera house is the one of the world’s largest and most fascinating theatre. As itself hosting some of the legendary composers, music conductors and dancers. More than 300 ballet and opera performances are held here yearly. This incredible opera house exists since 1869 and is well known for its French influenced style and accommodates more than 2000 guests with over a hundred musicians.

• The Austrian Parliament building: This is a wonderful place to learn more about Austria’s history and culture. Structured since 1918, the parliament building remains just as impressive. You get to tour around the building and see monuments like the Pallas Athene fountain with its huge iconic four meter statue. Visit the visitor centre and ask for English tours.

• The Karlskirche: This is the most religious ancient building in Vienna. Originally created for St. Charles Borromeo back in 1737 and still stands strong till this day. Besides, the building is beautified with a big dome of 72 meters and has a lot of large pillars inspired by Rome.

• The National Theatre (Burgtheatre): This is a superb place to visit. Also it’s one of the recommended spots to spend time with a lady from our Vienna escorts selection. The theatre is very famous for its German produced plays and performances. So many great legends have graced the stage of this place and it makes a very good spot to relieve history. The theatre went down in flames back in 1945 but was rebuilt after a while by 1955. Today it has a reputation of being the country’s most important and popular theatre.

• Vienna City Hall: This is a Gothic style building that represents the country’s administration. It is a remarkable place known for its giant size. As it occupies 14,000 square meters of the parade ground. It is a tourist hotspot and there are multiple tours available.

Enough with all the political and national monuments. Here are a few  fun places to check out too!

• The Vienna Zoo: this is definitely a very cool place to visit not just because it is home to a lot of animals but it is also the oldest zoo on the entire planet!!! Built in 1752 by Emperor Francis I, with a lot of its original structure still intact. It is a very pleasant zoo to visit, the best in all of Europe and best of all there is a 18th century breakfast pavilion to grab snacks at. So cool! There are over 750 species of animals here with the highlight being the huge and cute pandas with their cubs.

Roll at the Giant Ferris wheel at Prater Park: When you step into Prater park, it’ll feel like you just entered a completely different world. This place is off the charts. The 3,200 acres of park was once a royal hunting ground and is one of Vienna’s top recreation spots today. Go take a ride on the giant wheel. There are other things to see in Prater park. Like the Prater museum, the Liliputbahn miniature steam railroad and there is also a planetarium. The park is so big that you and your Vienna escorts will never experience a minute of boredom. There is enough space for other activities like swimming, bowling, cycling and tennis.

• Eat at Vienna’s golden cafe – Demel:  Officially known as Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel. Completed in 1786 and since has been a top and the oldest cafe in Vienna. You will feel a dining experience like no other. Traditional and handmade cakes and dishes made from century old recipes are served here. A taste like no other. There are a lot of golden silverware and mouth watering display of cakes and pastries that are designed in the form of historical characters. Everything here is a piece of art.


Where to stay in Vienna?

There are a lot of options available when it comes to accommodation in Vienna. You and your lady from our Vienna escorts portfolio can enjoy all the city has to offer as there is something available for everyone and every budget.

When it comes to sightseeing, it is best to stay around the Ringstrasse, as most of the special attractions are located within this area. Anyhow due to how grand this place is, most hotels here are in the luxurious range. It is understandable that sometimes our budget just won’t afford that luxury.

However if you don’t mind and want to have a real grand time in the finest and classiest hotels here are some good recommendations;

• Hotel Sacher Wien: This is a tourist attraction on its own and some of the best chocolate cakes is served at their cafe. It is also opposite the opera house. So get ready to suit up and attention a classical show in Vienna with your lovely escort by your side.

• Hotel Sans Souci Wien: Another great recommendation. This is a beautiful historic building located near the theatre and a short distance from Hofburg or the cathedral. It has large rooms with a spa and swimming pool.

For average budget here are some hoteld to consider:

• Best Western Premier Kaiserhof Wien: Well known chain offering spacious rooms for reasonable prices. Another big plus is a sauna and steam room. Although it’s not Ritz you don’t have to feel shy to invite any of Vienna escorts in. 

• Small Luxury Hotel Das Tyrol: As the name suggests, it’s not a huge resort but splendid enough. Decent accommodation right in the empire of shopping – Mariahilfer Strasse. As well as the above mentioned Best Western, it has a sauna with private large rooms for guests.

• Hotel Am Stephansplatz: A beautiful hotel with up close views of the cathedral. It’s located on Vienna’s most luxurious shopping and fine dining street. De facto it’s favorite part of town for Vienna escorts. Hence if you want to make an impression, just book a table at DO & CO or let your babe to choose a present for herself.


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