Czech is famous for its cities teeming with historical treasures and monuments. It's a land full of places to explore, culture and of course wonderful Czech girls.

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Welcome to Czech Republic, Where the Ladies are Prettier

Found in the very heart of central Europe, Czech Republic continues to enchant the world with its mixture of bohemian, slavic and Moravian history. The country is famous for its cities filled with a lot of historical treasures and monuments. It is a land full of places to explore, rich culture and of course wonderful girls. So whenever you decide to spend time with any of Czech Republic escorts, just know you have made the right decision and there is a great deal of romantic places to adventure to.

Without a doubt Czech is a top destination for gentlemen from all corners of the globe. Mostly because of the many awesome places contained within this lovable European country. Here is a list of the most amazing cities or towns to visit during your time in Czech Republic.

• Prague: Of course this is quite expected since Prague happens to be the capital, the very essence of Czech. Commonly referred to as the city of a hundred spires, this metropolis is deeply rooted in culture and history. There is so much to explore and a lot of appetizing meals to taste. This makes a most preferred choice for travelers to dwell due to the number of monuments contained in this city. From the famous astronomical clock to the beauty of the Vltava river and the magnificent Prague Castle. You will feel the love in the atmosphere and Prague escorts are a true delight.

• Kroměříž: This is certainly one of the most attractive and charming towns in Czech with a lot of history too. Founded way back in 1260 and one stroll about this town would fascinate you as majority of the buildings are a product of the 17th century. The most iconic place to visit in this town is the Palace and Flower Garden. This site is very gorgeous and best for romantic dates with one of our Czech Republic escorts. You’ll get to feel the mesmerizing feel of the flowers more during the summer. On normal days, the grand main square is always an entertaining spot to be in. Oh and if you ever decide to stop for a chilled glass of beer, try out Černý Orel. They make awesome beer.

• Olomouc: A city that is so rich in history including back when it was the official capital of Moravia. Today Olomouc is a quiet place perfect to unwind with your companion and enjoy the world around. The perfect romantic getaway spot. It is mostly dominated by university students now due to the presence of much educational institutions. You’d find a fair share of monuments and historical places throughout the city. If trying a new food is best part of traveling for you, don’t forget to ask for Olomouc cheese. You’ve probably never tasted anything like that before. They produces it since 15th century and its strong scent or unique pungent taste is unforgettable. 

• Český Krumlov: This is a UNESCO world heritage site with a lot of Renaissance vibe to it. It is also a huge hotspot for tourists visiting Czech Republic. The streets are not wide and littered with a lot of people. Or have much activity going on as in bigger cities like Prague. If you want to go for a walk with a girl from our Czech Republic escorts, it’s recommended that you wait till the evening when all the bubbling backpackers and tourists have retreated for the day. This way you’ll get to enjoy the company of your escort and bond in a quiet and peaceful environment. There are many 14th – 17th century buildings still standing here, so that’s fun to explore. Or you can just go rafting at the river running through the town centre.

• Kutná Hora: Ahh, this adorable town was literally once a silver mine back in the 13th – 16th century. However due to some problems and political play, the silver mines came to ruin and it was a devastating blow for Kutná. Thankfully time is a healer and today there is quite some interesting spots or places to see. Like the church of St. Barbara; this stunning cathedral is one of the famous gothic churches in Europe. Another legendary church in the area to mention is Sedlec Ossuary which has been weirdly nicknamed “the bone church”. Interior of this small cemetery chapel is literally created by skeletons of circa 60 000 people. It is among the most visited places of Czech Republic and definitely worth to see.

• Telč: A hidden gem for you to explore! Any of Czech Republic escorts you’re with who suggests this place, really knows her stuff. Telč is not so common among tourists, despite of its numerous historical buildings and history. This makes it a perfect getaway spot. Take a walk in the pictorial town square (a very vast one which is surprisingly big for such a small town). For the best view, make sure you stand in the centre and get a good sight of all the surrounding colorful buildings. This romantic place looks and feels like Italy. Might not be a highlight but it’s definitely worth a visit.

• Liberec: You would not believe it but Liberec is actually the fifth largest city in Czech Republic. It’s quite unbelievable because this place maintains a “smaller town” feel. Maybe this has a lot to do with the mountains that envelopes it. It was once the capital of the German region of Sudetenland. Which is why you will find that a good number of the buildings in the center are similar in design to what you can find in German speaking countries. Take for example the town hall in Liberec. It has a striking resemblance to that in Vienna (only that it’s a smaller version). In fact it was designed and built by the same architect. From the streets lined with beautiful trees to the mountain views, this is easily among the finest places in Czech.

• Litoměřice: Located in the northern part of Czech Republic, Litoměřice has been occupied since the 2nd century!!! Although you won’t get to see any buildings dating that far, this town has a great deal of historical data and lots of ancient times to tap into. It was once occupied by only Germans. Which is evident in the style of upmost houses. It’s surrounded by mountains that adds to its quietness and charm. Another good getaway spot with a lot of underground tunnels to explore. It is just an hour’s trip from Prague. So don’t hesitate and take on of our Czech Republic escorts for a ride!

• Tábor: A town founded by a group of Hussite soldiers and positioned in a war ready zone (on a hill) with a lot of connecting tunnels. You would enjoy the relaxing mood and history behind Tábor. Despite the fact that this place is retelling a war story, it’s still a very beautiful place worth exploring.


Tips and advice for you and your escort to improve your stay in Czech

Czech Republic is the 5th most visited country on the globe! Topping places like Amsterdam, Milan and even Barcelona, there is a large pool of people streaming into the country and the number has been on the rise. Hence before deciding to visiting Czech to spend time with a Prague escort or adventure in general, here are some helpful tips and info for you!

Castles everywhere and you should visit one: No tour to any city or town in Czech would be complete without a trip or two to a castle. There are more than 44 castles in the country. Well it’s not much surprising when you see them everywhere or when even the 5-star hotel you booked turns out to be a gigantic castle. This is a common thing and a beautiful sight to explore! (Pro tip: please ensure to book tickets for castle tours way ahead of time as they sell out quickly)

Nightlife starts by 10pm: In cities like Prague, nightlife kicks off at 10pm. A bit late than most European countries, but still very bubbly and fun. With a lot of beautiful Czech Republic escorts to meet and have fun with, you will definitely not feel bored when the sunsets and the DJs come out to play at clubs like Nova Lisboa Music Club or Bombay Bar. Which happen to be top destinations when it comes to nightlife in Czech.

Transportation is easy: It’s advisable that you grab yourself a transportation ticket the moment you arrive. As a single day ticket will have you enjoying multiple transportation systems for an unlimited number of time. Make sure you wear a comfortable footwear like sneakers and if you’re a lady, please ditch those heels. Czech is best explored on foot. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable. Transport is a breeze as buses, metros and trains operate almost 24/7.

Shopping: There are a lot of shopping centers in Czech. Majority of these stores are open throughout the week and some even stay until late night at 9pm or 10pm. For the smaller sized shops, 5pm -7pm is a more appropriate closing time. Of course as in any other world metropole, there’s a plenty of deli stores in Prague open 24/7.

Huge shopping galleries in Prague like Palladium or Chodov are usually filled with a lot of people, merchants and vendors trading. So it’s better to go very early and get what you want. The Christmas market in Prague’s Old Town opens during the holiday season. You can choose from a lot of trinkets and souvenirs there at a reasonable festive price.

The very hearth of luxury shopping in Czech is Pařížská Street located also in Prague’s Old Town. This splendid boulevard built in fancy French style houses almost all designer’s stores that might come to your mind. From Gucci, Prada or Dior down to Cartier jewelry, there’s a posh spot for every demanding shopaholic. In a case you’d love to make a strong impression to your Czech Republic escorts, take them to Pařížská Street and let them choose their gift. Girls will adore you forever!

Safety and security: The rate of crime in Czech is very low and therefore it’s perfectly safe for you and your escort to go for midnight walks under the moonlight without worrying about anything. Anyway, stay safe and remember to keep your personal belongings secure. Pickpockets are everywhere.

One last thing; Make sure you have a good time!!!

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