Being in Spain with any of our Barcelona escorts will definitely be a time you won't soon forget as there is something to intrigue everyone here. 


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Relax at Spain’s Most Cherished City – Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia and the second largest city of Spain, a place you can’t compare to any other. Barcelona is a must see destination with a lot of romantic moods, art and unique architecture. Which is mostly due to the works of 20th century architects like Antoni Gaudí whose buildings are remarkably different and you can’t see them elsewhere. There are so many factors and reasons that puts Barcelona at a top spot and desired location for lovers. Spanish itself is said to be the language of love. Although you do not have to speak it to experience it. Being in Spain with any of our Barcelona escorts will definitely be a time you won’t soon forget as there is something to intrigue everyone here.

If you are a food lover, then prepare to be swarmed with a lot of traditional cuisines at the over 20 Michelin star restaurants and if art and culture is what you’re after, then the various choice of buildings and events will please you. Some added bonuses like decent and urban beaches, cool nightlife and shopping malls makes it all the merrier. So here are some ideas to try;

• Be amazed by the Sagrada Família: Antoni Gaudí did a great job on this masterpiece that’s actually still on progress today (only three quarters complete). Even 140 years later. This is among his fantasy like works in Barcelona. It feels so unreal and you will certainly be impressed with how unique and different this church building is. It’s like nothing out there, not your traditional glass walled and glossy finished church. The basilica uses many architectural styles. As Art nouveau, modernism and Spanish Gothic. Also according to sources, when it is complete it’ll be the tallest church building on the planet. A true jaw breaker. For easy entrance, it’s best that you purchase the fast track tickets.

• Casa Batlló: Another lovely work from Antoni Gaudí, only difference is that he didn’t create the building from the scratch. But rather it was the remodeling back in the 20th century. They took the tiles of this house from the scales of a great dragon. Maybe artificial, because I don’t think dragons exist or existed. Anyhow, still this is a cost place to bond with your girl from our Barcelona escorts selection. There is a part called the noble floor, here you will find a mushroom shaped fireplace. Built for lovers to warm up together in the winter time.

• Shop at the La Boqueria: One more epic and iconic place to see. The La Boqueria is a market that’s been in existence since the medieval times. Although this place in particular has only been traded on for 200 years. So grab your companion and spend the day browsing through the market for delicacies. Or just take in the feel of the bubbling urban market. The market is in form of grids which sell all sort of things, like cheese, frozen meats, olive oil as well as fresh vegetables. After exploring the marketplace you could chill out with a glass of beer or wine at one of the various market bars.

• Barcelona City History Museum: If you want to grasp strong knowledge of Barcelona’s ancient history then Plaça del Reis is the place to be. One can explore a lot with the Barcelona escorts at this museum like a life that leads down to the remnants of a garum factory, old dye shops, laundry mats and parts of what remains of the Barcino walls. Further steps into the museum will lead you back into time to other discoveries. Like for example the vaults of Palau Reial Major. Which was the seat of the medieval dukes of Barcelona. The Gothic quarter of the history museum is also home to ancient Roman ruins like the temple of Augustus and the funeral way on Plaça de la Vila de Madrid.

• The small town of Gràcia: Ever wondering what it is like to dwell in a small Catalonian town? Well a trip to the lovely Gràcia will surely enlighten you on this. Gràcia wasn’t even part of the original blueprints for Barcelona until the 20th century. And the unique little squares or tapered streets gives it a very different vibe. Good for romantic strolls with your charming escort. Although it is a small town, it’s still very cosmopolitan and stylish. Most people here are usually students or artists. So be sure that this is a very bubbly place with a lot of bars, cafes and shops littered around.


Dining in Barcelona; What Foods are Available?

This is a common question among most people visiting Barcelona. Especially if you are traveling to Spain for the first time. Because coming to a new and lavish city like this can be hard to adapt to at first. But do not let it ruin your time with Barcelona escorts. You can learn more about Barcelona food by doing some research and digging up the best restaurants. If you have a special need, just make sure to communicate it early with the restaurant.

International cuisine is popular in Barcelona. And in the last 10 years Japanese style noodles have become rampant there. Another trend there is something called Pintxos which is basically a bar kind of snack where delicacies like fish and croquettes. In Barcelona They serve them on warm bread held with a toothpick. Another tasty highlight is the classic and traditional Catalan snack known as Pa amb tomàquet. Basically it is a rustic looking bread dipped in tomato paste and oil.


Some Barcelona Hotel Recommendations

There are a lot of hotels in Barcelona for you and your escort to relax in. Quite honestly almost all the hotels are just as exotic and luxurious because of the good economy of Spain. So do research and go through places like trip advisor and Yelp! to read reviews and get the best deals. Here are some few recommendations to consider:

• Grand Hotel Central (5-star)

• El Palace Hotel (5-star)

• Hotel DO (5-star)

• Colon Hotel (4-star)

• Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona (4-star)

• Catalonia Catedral (4-star)

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