A walk along the canals beautifully lit by the streetlights feels so magical. It's such a romantic thing to do with one of our Amsterdam escorts.


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An Ideal Getaway at Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the amazing capital of the Netherlands, with its population over 800,000 people dwelling in the central municipal. So, if you are planning to do something romantic in Amsterdam, be sure that this metropole already sets the mood for you. The city feels like the set of a fairytale movie with a scene that is already super glamorous. Most especially during the night time. Just a walk along the canals beautifully lit by the streetlights feels so magical. It’s such a romantic thing to do with one of our Amsterdam escorts. Sounds pretty cool right?

Here is our list of unique date ideas for you and your escort while in Amsterdam. Adventures that goes deeper than just going for a dinner date and eating the night away.

• Go on a comedic date! You should definitely try Dutch comedy shows. Meeting an escort for the first time can be very intimidating. From time to time you just need something that is going to make things less awkward and tense. Thankfully Amsterdam is swarming with a lot of comedy nights and shows. What is a better icebreaker than laughter? Only this time it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Comedy shows in English language are available, just look for a good one.

• Saturday evenings at the Zoo: Thanks to the amazing ARTIS zoo in Amsterdam you and your dream lady can get to hold hands and have a view of so many animal species, as the zoo is open until sunset. This sets the mood for intense romantic encounters. From the gardens to the historic pavilions, quite a good date idea for creative lovers.

• Bring out your literary side at the bookstores: Being with an escort in Amsterdam doesn’t mean you can’t find time to hit the bookstores if that is your thing! Exploring a cosy shop and hunting for new books to read is a great way to bond with any of our Amsterdam escorts (especially if they are book readers too!). Amsterdam is such an artistic place filled with so much bookstores. Don’t hesitate to steal a kiss from your lady in between the shelves as you explore.

• Go on a brunch date: Sometimes we are pretty bored with dinner dates, it might be a cliche. You just need to put on your casual outfit and hit a pastry store to shop for some yummy snacks. Your escort girl will appreciate this! And in Amsterdam, they preparing the best eggs and coffee. Grab a bite at the famous G’s brunch boat! Such a nice place to warm up to each other and have enough time to enjoy the company.

• A luxurious movie date: The Pathé Tuschinski is an epic boutique cinema in Amsterdam that takes film screening to a whole new level with its decorative interior and retro vibe. A great place to catch up on Holland art house and independent films.


Now, here are some notable places in Amsterdam to explore!

• Visit the Anne Frank house: You have probably seen this house in the film “The Fault in Our Stars”. Well, this is a real place and a legendary building where Anne Frank, a girl who hid from the Nazis back in WWII and left a diary of the experience lived. The house has been rebuilt to take the form of a museum. It’s a hotspot for most Amsterdam tourists. Hence make sure you arrive early and also prepare your mind for a long wait of possible.

• Tour the Heineken brewery: Beer is tremendously tasty drink and Heineken is a top pioneer in this industry. So why not tour the brewery and see how the bubbly goodness is made? I think it will be very fascinating for you and your to see how many people come to Amsterdam just for this experience. You can also get to create your own personalized Heineken bottle.

• The cliche canal boat tour: This is a very obvious thing to do in Amsterdam but it’s still just as romantic and fun. No one leaves the capital of Netherlands without taking a boat tour on the canal. These canals are what they are known for, so it’s more like an ultimate experience. Wonderful for couples and our Amsterdam escorts love it. Quick tip: opt for the evening tour instead. It’s much more lovely with the sun set and the street lights beautifully reflecting on the canal. While there are so many boat tours, we recommend you to go for the one by Grayline, as there are many places to get ticket for their tours.

• Take a view from the Emperor’s canal: Named after the Emperor Maximilian of Austria, this 31m wide canal is a major one in Amsterdam. Beautifully stretches out with trees lining the water and a beautiful bridge overhead. There are so many attractions on the canal. Like the house with heads, the Syrian Orthodox Church, the greenhouse warehouses or the Homo monument.

• Feel the creativity at the Van Gogh museum: Who wouldn’t want to see the original artworks of the legendary Van Gogh? At least you or any of our Amsterdam escorts would. Art galleries are the best in Amsterdam and this museum is a great destination. Located a few kilometres from Vondelpark and houses a lot of art collections not just from Vincent Van Gogh but also artists like Matisse and Monet. You can grab tickets for the viewing at the Netherlands Van Gogh museum’s official website.

• Royal trip to Dam Square: This is the major square in central Amsterdam and is barely a 10 minutes walk from the central station. Built since the 1400’s, the square has been a main place in the city for ages. At this place you can find the Royal Palace and a monument that honors the fallen soldiers.


Some Hotel Recommendations

• Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht (5-star)

• Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam (5-star)

• Pulitzer Amsterdam (5-star)

• The Toren (5-star)

• INK Hotel Amsterdam (4-star)

• Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South (4-star)

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